July 21, 2006

Le Tour De France

In one of the single, greatest, individual efforts in all of sports, Floyd Landis overcame what should have been an insurmountable deficit to pull himself into third place in this year's Tour de France. He failed miserably the day before and then made up for it through willpower and determination. He will probably win. But that is not the story.

The story is that Americans had no idea. While it made front page headlines across Europe, Australia, and Africa, it was on page thirteen of the sports section in the local, metropolitan newspaper.

While bicycle racing is one of the less popular sports here in the States, the Tour de France is consistently one of the top two sporting events in the world each year. This year, its attendance and viewership were eclipsed only by the dramatic World Cup.

Take a chance to recognize greatness, even if it is outside the boundaries of daily life. Floyd Landis' legendary effort has already been forgotten by the mainstream, even though it will be remembered for decades by the spectators, commentators, and pundits.

There is someone out there, right now, inventing the next big thing, something that will change everything without an obvious connection to the big thing it will completely revolutionize. Remember that Henry Ford fellow?

Keep an eye on interests outside your industry, your world view, and your comfort zone. Perspective is always a good investment.