June 26, 2006

My Enigma Problem

While my blogging experience is limited, my creative writing experience is much more vast. That is the issue (or what I perceive as one, at least).

I am comfortable with ending a post enigmatically - trusting the reader to figure out the point on his or her own. Use a potent enough metaphor and it is inevitable that the right audience will come to the proper, profound conclusion... right?

Well, I have rethought that point of view and have found myself contradicting myself. The metaphors stay, but they are going to be fleshed out much more in the future.

Just because I understand my position in the world does not mean I should have any expectations that anyone else does. I try to stir in a little passion, a pinch of controversy, and equal parts weirdness and quirkiness to finish off my recipe for catalyzing thought. My goal is to teach everyone how I cook, not to teach them to cook like me.

Seth has a take on the issue, too.