June 30, 2006

Malpractice Is The Only Way To Practice

Have you ever tried to choose a doctor? Research all you can. The only information you can find, besides self-congratulatory advertorials in local magazines, is negative. How many times has he been sued? How many actions has the state board taken against him? No reviews. No buzz. No comprehensive community of honest patrons.

That is, unless you consider your insurance company list of approved providers good enough.

Doctors are not the only ones. There are myriads of industries that affect you, your family, your home, your business where there is no information to precede your decision.

Correction - there is word of mouth. The next time you belly up to a customer, ask yourself, "How am I being reviewed in the world?" If the answer is, "By this guy standing across from me," you had better deliver. Of course, you had better deliver each and every time as a matter of pride and professionalism, but the stakes are raised when the only way to spread a positive message is from person to person and the rest of the world is a web of cynicism and paltry, half-compiled information.

Phillipe Destouches said, "Criticism is easy. Art is difficult." Ego and apathy can allow the easy to seep out in spite of your efforts to achieve the difficult.