November 10, 2006

Do Something Fun As A Professional

Two robbers disguised in president masks hold up an adult video store in Austin, Texas. They back a pick-up truck through the front door. They tie up the three employees with fur-lined handcuffs and latex stockings. They steal $230 in cash, some body piercing jewelry, and an employee's car.

Not a huge loot, but what a great caper. It made the national news and will be talked about for a while because it is a ridiculous and unique story. Even though it was described by the police as "well executed", not many self-respecting criminals would have ever tried to pull it off.

While adult video store robbery may not be the best way to go, why not do something wacky or unpredictable in your professional career? Something unproductive and ridiculous, but well-executed and memorable. It never hurt to leave a legacy.

Check out the example being set by Simply Usability as they work for free for one year.