November 29, 2006

Personal Branding

You (hopefully) are memorable. Keep in mind that you are always in the process of creating a brand image of yourself. People are always forming or reinforcing opinions of who you are to them. Did you catch that... "to them"?

Cornelius Huxtabull vs. Mark Jones. How many Cornelius's have you met in your lifetime?

Mohawk vs. Shaved Head. Not always appropriate, but memorable, none the less.

Voluptuous vs. Matronly or Patronly vs. Brotherly. This one goes frequently unspoken.

Evil Prick vs. Passive-Aggressive Doormat. Nice does not equal successful. Then again, memorable does not always equal positive. vs. Most people have no idea what your last name is but are happy to know you by your first.

Every interaction builds on a relationship - with coworkers, clients, baristas, doormen.... It is perfectly acceptable to bring yourself to your work. Take every opportunity to set yourself apart with your personality.