April 26, 2006

Bar Marriage (The Old Adage In Detail)

It is your goal to be married. You go to a bar and begin your search for a spouse. Two options present themselves.

First - you ask each and every person there if they would like to marry you. Do it long enough in enough places and, odds are, someone will say yes. It takes a lot of asking and the end result is quick, short-term, and ultimately unstable.

Second - you seek out individuals who you find attractive and to whom you think you may have something to offer. You approach them, have a conversation, and discover that the possibility for a relationship has been qualified by both sides. Dating ensues and some time later, a well-heeled, long-term, stable relationship is formed.

The problem with the first example is that if they said yes to you so quickly, what is keeping them from saying yes to another suitor just as easily?

What if your best customers or clients actually have an otherwise inexplicable attraction to your business? What if building that relationship is more than simply matchmaking needs and capabilities? What if your best business relationships exist because of the same things that inspire your best personal relationships? Chemistry.

You find each other attractive because of your shared, inherent traits. The conversation is organic and easy to have. A beautiful, beneficial relationship blossoms because you both take care of each other.

Everyone wants attention. What better way to hold it than a committed relationship?