October 24, 2006

Fuel Efficiency

An advertisement arrived today from Staples, the office supply place. They were trying to sell their delivery services by listing features and benefits which included ease of ordering, huge selection, and fuel efficiency. Hmmm... fuel efficiency.

They looked outside of the office, where the ad is probably being read and where the order would be placed, for a trigger to catch a potential customer's attention. They found a rally point for almost everyone, some common ground in the real world. Their suggestion of fuel efficiency is a sign that they understand there is more to making a decision about office supply products than simply saving the boss some money.

See the space, know the people, and make an offer that helps solve a real problem. Not many people believe that a paper clip sale will change their lives or earn them a promotion, but if they can keep a couple bucks in their own pocket or have a few extra minutes so they can be on time to pick their kid up from school, that is a valuable offer.