September 21, 2006

Congress Bans Horse Meat

... and calls the process of the "proud animals" being slaughtered "barbaric". Is Congress making subjective, ethical judgments on the value of a species? Have they considered what goes on in any abattoir?

Actually, it overturns a bill put into law by President Bush two years ago enabling horses meeting certain criteria to be exported to Europe as food animals. The law allowed government-held, wild horses (about 20,000 of them) to be purchased, or as lawmakers called it "adopted", by the public. This was designed as a business opportunity, giving ranchers the ability to buy low from the government and sell high to Europe.

After their session, all the legislators retired to the Congressional cafeteria for a hearty luncheon where a mixed grill of beef, chicken, and lamb was served.

The Star-Telegram details it further with some interesting, and possibly out of context, quotations.

The Onion brings their perspective by saying, "I support this ruling. We shouldn't be allowed to eat horses, dogs, or anything else we can race for sport".

A prime example of why it is not always the action but, instead, the perception that matters.